Nyabangere project

Nyabangere project
The first part consists in water supply from high montains to 14 poor villages.
The second part consists in poursuing the construction or St Donatus Heath Center. This Project was supporter by Canada Franciscan Seculars (Project 7 in 2013 for a total mount of CAD 14,470.00). THE PuRPOSE IS TO PROVIDE A ENTRER HEALTH SERVICE TO ABANDONNED POOR PEOPLE AFTER MANY WARS IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THÉ CONGO
The third fold of the project consiste in paying the scolarité fées for poor or orfan children.

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Fontana n° 23 Institut Dr Nkeri

Fontana num 22 presso la Scuola superiore Institut Dr Nkere

Fontana n° 18 a Musiru

Fontana num 18 a Musiru

Fontana n° 17 a Musiru

Fontana num 17 a Kahiriginji

Fontana n° 16 a Kahiriginji

Fontana num 16 a Kahiriginji

Fontana n° 1 a Mishanja Ikungu

Fontana num 1 a Mishanja di Ikungu

Fontana n° 2 presso la Scuola Ikungu

Fontana num 2 presso la Scuola Elementare Ikungu

Fontana n° 3 ancora

Fontana num 3

Fontana n° 4 a Ikungu

Fontana num 4 a Ikungu presso la prima cisterna

Fontana n° 5 a Namayange- CIGINA

Fantana num 5 a Namayange

Cisterna a Ikungu

La prima cisterna a Ikungu

DSCN0723DSCN0724DSCN0709DSCN0706Cisterna n° 2 a Musiru dalla Sorgente Mirhego lontano da 7 kmDSCN0704


pancarte du projet


Carte de Walungu au Sud-kivu

Nyabangere dans le territoire de Walungu

RDCongo 2010 018DSCN4436DSCN4435assemblée dominicale à Nyabangere<img src= »https://nyabangere.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/maison-candidate-pour-location-en-vue-des-soins-mc3a9dicaux-c3a0-musiru-nyabangere.jpg &raquo; alt= »Maison candidate pour location en vue des soins médicaux à Musiru Nyabangere » width= »2592″ height= »1944″ class= »alignnone size-full wp-image-21″ /PROBIDE A BETTER HEALTH SERVICE TO ABANDONED POOR PEOPLE
The third part consists in paying scolar fees to 150 poor or orfan children.
The big part is financed by FRATELLO MIO ONLUS from Milano

2 réflexions au sujet de « Nyabangere project »

  1. Georgine Chibalonza

    Nyamuzinda akurhabale Padri wirhu MUKENGWA
    Anakuyushulire emisi nobuzigire bunji okayorha oyunviza abantu obonjo noku ba rhabala muli byoshi na hoshi.koko


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